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      Voice-controlled Speaker

      Not only provide you with 360°comfortable audio enjoyment, but also with cloud
      -enabled speech recognition.

      • Goertek


      It supports analog/digital noise cancelling and sports monitoring functions.
      Your listenning experience would be guaranteed by this gadget whether
      at quiet home or in the nosiy street.

      • Goertek
      • Goertek
      • Goertek
      • Goertek


      Excellent acoustic design from top-notch engineering teams delivering perfect sound experience to you.

      • Goertek
      • Goertek

      Extensive Experience in Hardware Integration

      From antenna design, audio IC integration, and sensor integration to embedded system integration, Goertek offers clients one-stop solution.

      Excellent Acoustic Design Capability

      Speaker design capability, acoustic structure design
      capability, acoustic simulation and test capability.

      Excellent Industrial Design Capability

      Goertek has complete ergonomic database and excellent design team consists of 10 ID design experts with more than 10 years of designing experience and won international design awards manny times.

      Leading technology

      Goertek has outstanding self-adaption acoustic design and debugging and testing capacities and cutting-edge acoustic algorithms technologies.